Culinary Tour

Transport: Vehicles cabs – Time: Full day


Hue can not fail to mention culinary culture of Hue. Hue dishes show bold cultural values, history, customs, art and taste very private, has become a brand appealing to the culinary culture Vietnam
Over many centuries to accumulate the human element of the country, Hue kitchen contains a full taste of all parts, from the salty, sweet, fatty, fleshy to sour, acrid, bitter, spicy. The Hue like all you, but you do him well. Want your salt dozens procession, sweet tea is a sequence (green tea type, tea, peas, …), fat is a beef noodle, mushroom soup, there Melaleuca bitter, spicy oyster supper. The strong form special flavor of Hue cuisine.
18h00: Cyclo pick up passengers at the hotel at 76 Le Loi focus (Office City Tour).
18h20: Journey will take you to the restaurant “Hang Me” is located on Vo Thi Sau way to enjoy these special cakes of Hue (dirt cake, Nam filter, low ram, rolls, …).
19h15: Cyclo continues to take you to “asthma” to enjoy the taste of Hue dishes (rice mussels, oysters noodles, …).
20h00: Along Le Loi Perfume at the line of the journey will take you to the tea shop with a name very close to the ordinary people of Hue – Canyon probation – to savor the origin of tea Hue.
20h45: After tea enjoy Hue, you will continue to journey to the Dinh Tien Hoang to savor favorite cake and Nem died on the way you will visit to Truong Tien and Hue Citadel by night under the lights shimmering, magical.
End of the cabs will drive you walk around the streets to admire the romantic Hue night. You can also shop the specialty of Hue as souvenirs (Sesame pulse, conical hats, pickled shrimp, Hue ao dai, …) under the direction of the trishaw riders.
22h00: End of Tour, pedicabs will take you back to the hotel.


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