Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb forbidden territory of this mountain, near the junction of Bang Lang, the confluence source Ta Trach and Huu Trach made ​​river flowing through the city of Hue. Minh Mang Tomb Hue City and 12 km.

4 / 1840, King Minh Mang renamed this mountain into Hieu Cam Son and the tomb is named Hieu Lang. Mausoleum was constructed in May 9 / 1840.

To May 1 / 1841 is promoting it works ill take Minh Mang, Thieu Tri King on the throne and continue to build wheel according to the old design. Tháng 8 / 1841 King Minh Mang corpses were buried in the Buu Thanh included. By 1843, the mausoleum built to complete.


Minh Mang Tomb is an overall architectural scale consists of 40 large and small works include Palaces, castles, family ,…. weight balance will be arranged on a vertical axis from the Dai Hong Mon (the outermost) to the wall of the tomb of King City La.

The projects are distributed on three major axes parallel to each other that way is central to Shinto. Master of the tomb is divided into:

– General Anthurium is the main gateway into mausoleum. Ports are 3 paths with 24 heaving higher and lower roof and beautifully decorated. Main gate only opens once to put the coffin into the tomb of King, wanted to have two extra ports on the Red Ta Huu Hong subject and subject.

– Bi Dinh: the subject is the Great Red yard, with two members of the audience, with horses. Bi Dinh Phung Spirit Son is on the hill, inside a beer "Saint German public mind" by King Thieu Tri and wrote a biography of his father's merit.

– Region impregnated materials (place of worship the King): go to the airport ceremony is divided into four million places. Opening the electricity sector is laced Understanding Germany Mon Sung An electric church all located in the heart of the king and queen Ta Thien Nhan. Hoang Trach subject is the work area coated finish and floral scented flowers great power.

– Floor Minh Lau: go through three bridges Trung Dao (middle), nurse (left), Friends Turn (right) across the lake is to the floor Minh Truong Minh Long (floor light) built on a hill called Tam Long Son. The building is square, two-story, eight roof. Both sides of Minh Lau are two head back up on two hills said Binh Son and Thanh Son. Behind Minh Lau are two flower-shaped symmetrically Tho through Shintoism.

– Buu Thanh (the round tomb): Tan Nguyet Lake embraced the Buu Thanh moon circle in the middle. Integrity bridge spanning Smart Tan Nguyet Lake has 333 stone steps to bar the king's resting place is situated in the heart of hills called the Declaration of Son Trach is limited by the circular Buu Thanh.

Minh Mang tomb to be suspended, subject Understand virtue, power Sung and Ming An crossword long and nearly 60 poems carved on it is a museum of the selected poems poetry Vietnam early nineteenth century …

In addition to posting on the majestic, imposing, Minh Mang tomb, there are the charms of nature has been modified to make the setting for the buildings.


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